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"I’ve had a number of astrological readings in my life, from very very good astrologers. All of them have been extremely helpful. Still, in the two readings I’ve had with Kalidas he has pointed out aspects of my nature inherent to my horoscope that I never understood before. Well done! Very grateful. I highly recommend him.”

Asha Nayaswami

"Kalidas is heart-centered, honest, and a deep yogi. He will help you uncover hidden messages that are within your chart that may have been difficult to understand in the past.
Everyone I've seen who's had a reading with him was radiant and joyful afterwards. That's the insider news from his wife ♥"

Melody Hansen

I grew up with astrology. My father, having been a focused student of astrology since the early 1970s, used to call my brother and I into his study as children to interpret our natal charts and even correctly predicted a few important developments in my life up to this point.

Having had readings from multiple astrologers in both Western and Vedic systems since then, my astrological reading with Kalidas was unique.

Kalidas went above and beyond, generously spending several hours of his time diving into my chart with me resulting in me reaching clarity on important issues that I am currently or will soon face.

I am grateful for his wise, loving and inspired guidance which evidently flows from his dedicated practice of meditation and Kriya yoga.

You will not be disappointed!


Bhima Breckenridge

"I had a reading with Kalidas a few weeks back and found it very helpful. He is a thoughtful, sensitive and caring man who has an amazing ability to craft his reading to fit the needs of the person he is working with. For me it was more like a counseling session using Vedic astrology as a starting point to stimulate a deep conversation. He helped me to focus on the things that are truly important. There is a lot of love in this man."

Mark Bryan

"My reading with Kalidas was one of the best spiritual counseling sessions I’ve had. Through my chart he knew me well and the answers and advice I received from him have helped me become aware of some of the unconscious tendencies I am living with that are not serving me.

I highly recommend his services to anyone who feels the need to work on Svadhyaya (Niyama - introspection)."

Eloisa Fuentes

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