A birth chart reading is based upon the planetary positions at the time of birth. It shows the influences of Karma (unlearned lessons) that will be most dominant throughout the life. It shows the areas of familiarity and strength coming from the previous life as well as those areas which are in need of attention and further growth. This type of reading is meant to offer greater self-awareness and to help the person to consciously acknowledge the core intentions and priorities of their incarnation. Essentially, the soul's purpose in coming to this world at this time is revealed in the birth chart and together we can make that more real and accessible to your daily consciousness. It usually lasts 90+ minutes and you will receive a recording of the session.

90 minutes+  /   $100- $150

Birth Chart Reading



Three of the most common Astrological Readings

Relationship Reading

90 minutes+  /   $100- $150

Entering into a new relationship is a major life transition that can usually be seen in the chart. It can influence us in both helpful and unhelpful ways according to where we are on our spiritual journey. When two people come together, it is never an accident. A reading can illustrate and clarify the strength and purpose of a connection. Some people will want a reading immediately upon entering a new relationship —others will want a relationship reading years into their marriage in order to shed light on certain challenges or life transitions. No matter the reason, relationship astrology is useful and sometimes proves vital to the resolution of some long term problem in a marriage. Marriage itself is a spiritual path and can bring about deep transformations in our character and overall vibration that may not be able to happen otherwise. A reading can enlighten us and strengthen our bond in unconditional love and understanding.


Yearly Transit Reading

60 minutes+  /   $100- $150

Every day the planets move. Where they move and how they affect each of us individually in our own birth chart can be very helpful to be aware of. What cycle are you in? When does it end and what does it represent? What will the new cycle be about? In what areas of your life are you experiencing blocks and obstacles? How are the current planetary arrangements (transits) affecting your personal destiny? And most importantly, what can we do to improve things?

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